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Air Purifier PA600
Protect your family's health with our best selling anti-bacterial Air purifier! There are many in..

Ex Tax: €66.39
Air Purifier- AIRGOCLEAN 10E
Air Purifier- Airgoclean 10 E Providing fresh air – neutralizing pollutants Less contaminated&..

€120.00 €99.00
Ex Tax: €83.20
Air Purifier- AIRGOCLEAN 105S
Air Cleaner AIRGOCLEAN 105 S Fresher or better breathing air in the office or at home We ..

€390.01 €340.00
Ex Tax: €285.72
Air Purifier- AIRGOCLEAN 205S
Air Cleaner AIRGOCLEAN 205 S Ideal air quality even in large rooms Compared with fresh outside..

€490.01 €460.00
Ex Tax: €386.56
Dehumidifier/ Air Purifier TTK 110E HEPA (40L/24H)
Dehumidifier PLUS Air Cleaner TTK 110 HEPA Dehumidification and air purification combined in one ..

€390.01 €349.00
Ex Tax: €293.28